Silica Gel 25g

Silica Gel 25g

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These are 25g sachets

  • High quality silica gel sachets
  • Removes humidity in sealed packages preventing corrosion, condensation, damp, mould etc
  • Each sachet contains desiccant which can adsorb and hold up to a third of its weight in water vapour
  • As a guideline we recommend approx. 5 gram of silica gel for every cubic foot of package and ensure you package is as airtight as possible for the best performance
  • Printed "Do Not Eat"

Useful for putting in with lenses or camera to help reduce the moisture in the case/bag. Also can be used in situations like in a car to try to reduce the moisture build up on the windows.

Silica gel helps absorb condensation helping protect whatever its placed with. Put these in with electronics, media or anything else.

They can also be used in a car to help reduce the amount of condensation in the windows when filming.

The more the better with all these situations.

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