About Us

CineStore is a recently established business passionate about providing a great service and supplying great products. Having listened to feedback from influencers in the UK screen industry, our aim is to form closer relationships between the crew on set and us, the consumable supplier. CineStore provides the new and innovative consumables (and more) that crew can rely on.

Starting as a 'wee boy of 17', Cinestore owner Liam has 15 years experience working in film and television. He also spent time working in the corporate IT world helping customers of all shapes and sizes accomplish their goals with innovative technology. Using this experience, he understands that not all consumables give you the performance and reliability that you need on set, where time is scarce and effectiveness is a priority. Sometimes 'making do' is just not the answer: We understand that when it’s raining and you're up a hill and up against it, you need products that you can trust!

We welcome any suggestions for new products. Share the knowledge! We will use this information to ensure we supply the stuff you need. If there is a product you think that just does not cut it, let us know and we will endeavour to find something that does a better job!

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