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Consumables for film makers
Consumables for film makers

Sustainability Policy

The Sustainability Policy of CineStore Ltd, a small Glasgow-based company in the film and TV industry, outlines our commitment to reducing environmental impact and improving sustainability across all operations. Covering procurement, shipping, energy use, waste management, and community engagement, the policy underscores our compliance with regulations, efficient resource use, waste reduction, sustainable procurement, carbon offsetting, stakeholder engagement, and pursuit of certification. Reviewed semi-annually, this policy serves as our blueprint for fostering a culture of environmental responsibility and sustainable practices throughout the company.

1.0 Purpose

CineStore Ltd recognises its obligation to act responsibly, ethically, and sustainably in its business practices. Our commitment to sustainability is integrated into every aspect of our operations. The purpose of this policy is to outline our commitment to continually improving our environmental performance and reducing our environmental impact.

2.0 Scope

This policy applies to all aspects of operations at CineStore Ltd. This includes, but is not limited to, our procurement practices, shipping and packaging, product selection, energy use, waste management, and engagement with staff, customers, suppliers, and the broader community.

3.0 Policy

3.1 Compliance with Regulations

CineStore Ltd will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations at the local, national, and international level. Wherever possible, we will strive to go beyond mere compliance and establish ourselves as leaders in environmental responsibility.

3.2 Energy and Resource Management

CineStore Ltd is committed to using resources efficiently and minimising our energy use. This commitment extends from our office practices—such as turning off lights and equipment when not in use—to our procurement decisions, where we consider the energy efficiency of new products. We will strive to reduce our energy consumption and promote energy efficiency throughout our operations.

3.3 Waste Management

We are committed to minimising waste in our operations. This includes reusing and recycling materials, particularly in our packaging processes. We will continue our efforts to reduce plastic use in our operations and seek to eliminate it wherever possible. We are dedicated to efficient waste management and optimal use of resources, and we will continue to recycle and repurpose materials throughout our operations.

3.4 Sustainable Procurement

We will prioritise procurement from suppliers who align with our sustainability goals. This includes increasing our range of environmentally friendly products and promoting reusable over disposable products. We will also aim to consolidate our orders from suppliers, thereby reducing the number of shipments and associated carbon emissions.

3.5 Carbon Footprint and Offsetting

CineStore Ltd recognises the importance of measuring and reducing our carbon footprint. We are committed to offsetting our CO2 emissions through initiatives such as planting a tree for every website, instore or B2B order, encouraging our customers to participate in carbon offsetting initiatives. We also committed to a minimum of 10 trees (+1 in UK) per month and 9 tonnes CO2 avoided every year per employee via ecologi.

3.6 Community and Stakeholder Engagement

We will actively engage our staff, customers, and other stakeholders in our sustainability efforts. This includes regularly communicating our sustainability goals and progress, involving staff in the implementation of this policy, and encouraging feedback and suggestions for improvement. In addition, we will donate 1% of our profits to a local industry related charity each financial year.

3.7 Certification and Recognition

CineStore Ltd aspires to be recognised for our sustainability efforts. Our goal is to achieve certification within the next three years, demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility.

4.0 Review

CineStore Ltd will conduct regular reviews of our sustainability policy and practices. We will undertake a formal review every six months, and adjust our practices and goals as necessary to ensure we are continually improving our sustainability performance.

5.0 Responsibility

While the Managing Director is responsible for the overall implementation of this sustainability policy, we believe that everyone at CineStore Ltd has a role to play in our sustainability efforts. We encourage all our employees to contribute to the aims and objectives of this policy in their respective areas.

Tree Planting and Carbon Offsetting

We use Ecologi to plant trees and offset carbon. We donate a minimum number of trees per month for each employee we have plus for every website, instore or B2B order we pledge to donate an additional tree. Here is our tally so far:

We plant trees with Ecologi
About Ecologi: They are a platform for collective climate action. 🌱 Helping businesses be climate positive 🌎 They've responsibly funded planting 60 million trees 🌳 Supporting Gold Standard and VCS solutions ♻️ Certified B Corp ✔️

Why not pledge to offset your own carbon footprint. Start your journey here

This policy was set May 2023. It will be reviewed and if needed updated every 6 months.