URSA - Thigh Pouch

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URSA Straps Thigh Transmitter Belt

URSA Thigh Straps feature a low-profile velcro, curved strap design, and have a built-in Cable Pocket. In order to make the most comfortable low-profile straps URSA developed a brand new bonded fabric. URSA straps are just 1mm thick. They provide excellent stretch, comfort and breathability with an outer surface that hook Velcro can grip to at any point.

Thigh strap length is from 37cm to 67cm (14 to 26 Inches). Available in Beige, Black, and Brown. Available as Standard or Side pouch, the difference being on the "Standard" the pouch is laid out facing vertically and for the "Side" the pouch is laid out facing horizontally. Please see our images for confirmation.

Also available in different lengths for use around the waist

Please see our size guides below for more information.

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  • Designed to fit most popular transmitters
  • Unique polyurethane gripper keeps the strap from slipping
  • Built-in cable pocket secures your looped cable
  • Ultra low profile fabric is only 1mm thick

Strap Size Guide:

Product Size Range
Thigh 37-67cm (14-26 )

Pouch Size Guide:

Pouch Size Recommended Transmitters

Big Pouch

Audio Ltd 2040, Mini TX, 1010, EN2
Lectrosonics LMb, WM, UM400a, SMDB, SMB, LT
Wisycom MPT40 / 41
Zaxcom TRX & ZFR full range
Sennheiser EW G2 & G3, SK2000, SK5212, SK9000
Shure AXT 100, UR1M
Micron Explorers
Audio Wireless
(Small Transmitters also fit in a Big Pouch)