The Cable Saver

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  • Saves your cable from breaking at the combiner.
  • Reduces cable friction noises.
  • Adds elasticity to your microphone cable.
  • Pack of 4 pieces 

The Cable Saver is an original invention and design by Bubblebee Industries that dramatically reduces the cost of repairs of Lavalier microphone cables, connectors and transmitters while at the same time reducing cable friction noise to a very minimum.


So how does it work?

Put your Lavalier microphone cable through one of the rubber eyes of the Cable Saver. Wind the cable tight around the middle 3-4 times and through the rubber eye in the other end of the Cable Saver. That’s it.

Now, if you drop the transmitter or the microphone cable gets caught in something, the cable saver will act as a spring allowing for a soft fall that will relieve the strain on your cable and save your equipment.

An added benefit is that the Cable Saver reduces the cable friction noise so drastically that the noise almost disappears. That means no more scratching and rattling noises when someone accidentally touches the microphone cable.

Each package comes with four Cable Savers – enough to save 2-4 microphones.

They are made of durable black rubber that always comes back to its’ original form.  


Measurements: 2.5 cm x 0.5 cm (0.9” x 0.19”).

Weight: 2,5g 


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