Streetwize V-Tech Threadlocker Adhesive 6ml Medium/Blue

Streetwize V-Tech Threadlocker Adhesive 6ml Medium/Blue

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Medium Strength Threadlocker is blue in colour, all purpose, medium strength threadlocker formulated for locking and sealing of threaded fasteners which require normal disassembly with standard hand tools.

  • Prevent loosening due to vibration
  • Work on lightly oiled surfaces
  • Locks bolts and nuts up to 20mm diameter
  • Chemical resistant, resistant fuels, lubricants and most industrial liquid and gases
  • Applications: Replaces lock washers and plastic inserts. Locks machine tool access bolts, nuts and hydraulic system bolts. Used on gear box bolts/ drive shaft, bearing cover cap screws, counter sunk screws, conveyor roller bolts. It is also ideal for bolts on valve and cam covers, oil pans , disc brake, calipers, intakes, alternators and pulley assemblies

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