BlueStar Eyepiece Cover - 3066 Blackmagic Special Use Round

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Designed to replace the OEM Rubber Eyecup.

The #3066 Blackmagic Special Use Round Eyecushion (previously known as #6066) is used to replace the OEM Blackmagic rubber eyecup. #3066 fits tightly around the actual eyepiece diopter - the rubber eyecup must be removed before using this Eyecushion. The design will bring your eye slightly closer to the evf display, thus opening up the view inside the eyepiece. The fabrication process results in a functional design, comfortable feel and unique look. The Eyecushion's position is not affected by adjusting the diopter.

Also fits:

  • Sony Fs7 by replacing the oem rubber eyecup. However, care is needed when attaching, email us for if you need guidance.
  • PortKeys LEYE Viewfinder. Please remove the velcro pad that comes with the viewfinder. 

To attach the Eyecushion onto your eyepiece, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Remove the oem rubber eyecup.
  2. Stretch the Eyecushion rubber backing around the eyepiece diopter. The fit is snug and tight.
  3. Fiddle around with the backing to make sure it's evenly attached around the eyepiece diopter.

Care instructions:

  • Gently hand wash with lukewarm water when need and pat dry. The facing material may separate with repeated washing or washing with hot water. This Eyecushion will not last forever. Please expect a reasonable amount of use and have one as a spare when the other is being washed. Similar to your underwear, don't share your Eyecushion with anyone.

Fits: Blackmagic Design URSA Viewfinder and other similar eyepieces

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