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Consumables for film makers
Consumables for film makers
dulling spray for photography and filming

Dulling Spray for Photography and Filming

In the world of photography and filming, professionals have a range of tools and techniques to create stunning visuals. One such tool is dulling spray, a secret weapon that can transform ordinary surfaces into extraordinary backgrounds. So lets talking about dulling spray, understanding its purpose and why it is widely used by photographers and filmmakers alike.

Understanding Dulling Spray

Dulling spray, also known as matte spray or anti-glare spray, is a specialised product used to reduce the reflective properties of surfaces. It is commonly applied to objects, backdrops, or anything shiny to create a matte or non-reflective finish. The spray typically consists of a fine mist that adheres to the surface, resulting in a duller appearance by scattering or diffusing light. This transformation can be subtle or drastic, depending on the desired effect.

Dulling spray not only provides a non-reflective finish but also offers a variety of color options to cater to different materials and substrates. The availability of various colors, such as black and white, expands the versatility and creative potential of dulling spray.

The Importance of Dulling Spray in Photography

How do stop reflections while photographing?

Photography is an art that relies heavily on lighting and composition. In certain scenarios, reflective surfaces can be problematic, creating distracting glares or unwanted highlights. This is where dulling spray proves invaluable. By reducing or eliminating unwanted reflections, photographers can control the lighting conditions and emphasise the subject matter with precision. Dulling spray is often used in product photography, where shiny or reflective surfaces like glass, metal, or plastic can cause distractions. The spray helps create a clean, distraction-free backdrop, allowing the product to take center stage. Additionally, dulling spray is useful for creating artistic effects, enhancing the overall mood, or achieving a vintage look by adding a touch of texture and depth.

The Versatility of Dulling Spray in Filmmaking

Filmmaking, like photography, relies on visual storytelling. Dulling spray finds numerous applications in the film industry. It allows filmmakers to control the reflection and shine on various surfaces, ensuring a consistent look throughout the scenes. The spray can be used to dull down glossy props or set pieces, enabling the camera to capture the desired mood and details accurately. Furthermore, dulling spray proves effective in creating realistic and immersive settings. By using the spray on props, mirrors, or floors, filmmakers can reduce unwanted glares from lights, achieving a more believable environment. Whether it's a gritty urban landscape or an ethereal fantasy realm, dulling spray contributes to the overall cinematic experience, enhancing the visual aesthetics and storytelling potential of a film.


Dulling spray is an essential tool in the arsenal of professional photographers and filmmakers. Its ability to reduce reflections and create non-reflective surfaces allows artists to exercise greater control over lighting conditions, highlight subjects effectively, and craft visually captivating scenes. Embracing the magic of dulling spray opens up a world of creative possibilities, ultimately elevating the quality and impact of photography and filmmaking projects.

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