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Consumables for film makers
Consumables for film makers
CineStore's Sustainability Journey - Come join us!

CineStore's Sustainability Journey - Come join us!

CineStore is not just your regular film & tv consumables provider; we're stepping up to be a climate-positive company. Guided by our sustainability policy, we're on a journey to make an impact on the film industry's environmental footprint, one tree at a time.

Our strategy is simple: for every order placed, we plant a tree. Be it the order for a clapperboard for your budding film project, camera consumables for your high-budget documentary, or sound consumables for your next big feature film, your purchases at CineStore directly contribute to global reforestation efforts. We see it as a win-win – you get the highest-quality cinematic products, while the planet gets a little more green.

But we didn't stop at making our customers a part of our sustainability journey. We've made sure our team is involved too. In an initiative close to our hearts, a number of trees are planted (including one in the UK) and CO2 avoidance projects funded for every one of our employees each month. This commitment keeps our staff motivated, knowing they're contributing to a greener earth every day they come to work.

How do we accomplish this? We've partnered with Ecologi, a pioneering organisation in the climate-positive space. Ecologi has been instrumental in helping businesses worldwide to offset their carbon emissions. Their B-Corp certification is a testament to their unwavering commitment to sustainability. By investing in projects geared towards planting trees and carbon avoidance, we're making a substantial difference each month.

CineStore's commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere gestures. It's woven into our business model, fueling our operations while inspiring our community of filmmakers. Each transaction, no matter how small, helps create a ripple effect in our global ecosystems, fostering a culture of sustainability within the film industry.

But we're not alone in this journey. We extend an invitation to our customers to become a part of this change. Visit our partner page at Ecologi to start your own journey towards becoming climate positive. With every step you take, you're not just crafting magnificent stories through your lens, but you're also becoming a part of a greater narrative—one of ecological resilience and environmental responsibility.

ecologi, tree planting with CineStore

CineStore's journey to being a climate-positive organisation might be a challenging one, but it's a journey we are proud to embark on. We envision a future where the film industry, its suppliers, filmmakers, and viewers alike all play a pivotal role in nurturing our planet. And we're eager to lead the way.

Join us on this journey. Let's create stunning film and a sustainable world, together.

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