The Long-Haired Spacer Cover

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  • Easily adapt to more windy surroundings when you are in the field.
  • Slides onto The Spacer Bubble when recording outside in medium to strong winds.
  • Fits in your Spacer Bubble mesh storage bag so you can keep everything close by.
  • Made from Bubblebee Industries' best imitation fur (high amount of hair pieces per cm2) which allows for the optimal frequency transparency in windy situations.
  • Save valuable time while getting best quality.
  • Quick drying of the fur if it gets wet. You can just place it in the mesh bag and it will easily dry up.
  • Comes in five different sizes to fit all the seven different Spacer Bubbles.
  • Designed in Denmark by sound lovers, for sound lovers


The Long-Haired Spacer Cover protects your recordings when using The Spacer Bubble - even in harsh weather conditions. This product is a long-haired slip-on fur for people who already own The Spacer Bubble. 

The cover is made out of the same high-quality faux-fur as used for our Windkillers. The big difference between The Spacer Cover and The Windkiller is, that The Spacer Cover is designed to fit your Spacer Bubble perfectly. 

The inside of the Spacer Cover is made of a durable polyester mix ensuring it to easily slide onto the Spacer Bubble base. Constructed with a sturdy leather brim the Spacer Cover will stay on when it is mounted. 

The polyester mix on the inside of the Spacer Cover is tested to make sure you get the most linear frequencies when you use the Spacer Bubble. 


The Long-Haired Spacer Cover comes in five different sizes: 

  • XS: to fit The Spacer Bubble size XS and size XS Big Mount, Weight: 20g (0,7oz)
  • S: to fit The Spacer Bubble size S, Weight: 25g (0,8oz)
  • M: to fit The Spacer Bubble size M, Weight: 30g (1oz)
  • L: to fit The Spacer Bubble size L, Weight: 50g (1,7oz)
  • XL: to fit The Spacer Bubble size XL and size XL Big Mount, Weight: 50g (1,7oz)

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