AF Labelclene (200ml) Heavy Duty Label Remover

AF Labelclene (200ml) Heavy Duty Label Remover

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Fast, effective solution for removing labels and sticky residue

Removing labels is often a long and tedious job that requires a lot of picking away of tiny bits or soaking for a long time in hot soapy water, even when the label itself is removed you are left with a sticky residue that nothing seems to shift. This super strength labelclene label remover with specially designed applicator tool is designed to target stubborn adhesive from many surfaces, it works quickly and provides a residue free surface.

To use, spray liberally onto label surface, leave for 4-5 minutes before peeling off label wiping surface dry, if the label is really stubborn simply repeat the process.

Warning: Do not put a sticky label on this can to identify the contents, or you'll need to buy another can of labelclene to remove it!

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