Disposable Face Masks (non-medical) - Pack 15

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Protect yourself, your crew and talent with these disposable face masks.

Disposable Face Masks for short term use and then should be disposed of responsibly. 

Wire to allow you to conform mask around nose.

These disposable masks are made with a 3-layers non-woven material.

  1. First layer: outer, 23gsm nonwoven fabric.
  2. Second layer: 22gsm made with melt-blown technology.
  3. Third layer: inner, 24gsm nonwoven fabric. The 3 layers ensure a high level of protection.

It filters particles larger than 2.5 micron (PM2.5) i.e. it stops things larger than 2.5 micron. Note: This mask is recommended for personal use and is not intended for medical use.

Not intended for medical use!

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