Safe Filming (Covid19)

A selection of products to help keep your crew safe on set during the Covid 19 outbreak. We have put together this selection to help keep everything clean and safe including equipment, hands and your set. 

We supply:

  • Tape for marking safe distances and areas on floors.
  • Pre-Soaked wipes for quick and easy cleaning of both hands and equipment/cases
  • A range of spray cleaners with disinfectants, Anti Viral and bactericidal.
  • Wipers such as blue roll. Combine with spray cleaners.
  • Alcohol Hand Gel
  • Visors
  • Face Coverings
  • Plus More...

If there are any items you don't see here but you are looking for please get in touch. We have a range of suppliers with a wide range of products available. 

Due to the nature of the supply chain this stock changes regularly. Some products may have a lead time.